July 27, 2012
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With middle class tax cuts set to expire in January, I have been urging Congress to pass legislation that would extend tax cuts for income up to $250,000. This extension would provide certainty to the 98% of American families and 97% of small businesses who make less than that amount. While the Senate has passed an extension of middle class tax cuts and House Democrats are introducing an identical bill on Monday, it is disappointing that Republicans are obstructing this legislation in order to protect yet another tax break for the wealthiest two percent of Americans.

Everyone agrees that families and businesses with income up to $250,000 shouldn’t see their taxes go up, so there’s no reason that we should delay passage of this bill. As a co-sponsor of the House bill to extend middle class tax cuts, I will be urging both parties to work together to immediately pass this legislation and end uncertainty that millions of families and small businesses are facing.

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Steny H. Hoyer

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