May 7, 2013
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Ten weeks ago, a series of automatic spending cuts known as sequestration went into effect, putting our economy and national security at risk.  Today, I went to the House Floor to urge my colleagues to come together in a bipartisan way to reach agreement to replace the sequester with targeted spending cuts and additional revenues. Below are excerpts of my remarks:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise once again to call on Congress to replace the dangerous and irrational sequester with a big and balanced deficit solution. Ten weeks after the dysfunction of this Congress led to the sequester taking effect, our economy and the most vulnerable in our society are continuing to experience its effects.”

“Democrats are ready to make tough choices necessary to reach a compromise, and both sides have a responsibility. My side, their side – very frankly, we ought to be one side: the American side. Both sides have a responsibility to work together to meet our challenges in a sensible way. Not a senseless, irrational way, which is what the sequester does, but in a smart way, worthy of our role as the American people's representatives…”

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Unless Congress reaches an agreement to replace the sequester, Maryland families and businesses will be hit hard by this irrational process. In our state alone, 46,000 Department of Defense civilian employees could see furloughs; approximately 800 children could lose access to Head Start; around 770 fewer low income students could receive financial aid to help them through college; 500 domestic violence victims could lose the services they need to heal and seek justice; and law enforcement could lose critical grants that support crime prevention and drug treatment and enforcement. We must address the impact sequestration could have in our state and across the country.  

I will continue to encourage both parties to work together toward an agreement that can achieve the savings we need to turn off the sequester, restore fiscal discipline, and provide certainty that Maryland families and businesses need and deserve.

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