Hoyer Gives Floor Speech on Health Reform Bill
For all of the months of debate over health insurance reform, one thing is beyond debate: for far too long,  American health care has been on an unsustainable course. We have seen it in many families bankrupted, and many more paying greater amounts for less coverage each year. We have seen it in businesses rapidly dropping their employees’ expensive coverage. And we have seen it in a budget sent deeper and deeper into debt by the world’s most expensive health care system. This week, we voted to change that unsustainable course.

Passage of this bill means more control for consumers, and less for insurance companies. It ends discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions, and ends medical bankruptcy and caps on benefits. It guarantees coverage you can rely on whether you lose your job or become your own boss—coverage that reaches 94% of Americans.

Health insurance reform creates a free, competitive, transparent marketplace where individuals and small businesses can pool together to buy private insurance at low rates. It closes the prescription drug “donut hole” for seniors and makes coverage more affordable for the middle class.

Finally, health insurance reform is the biggest deficit-reducing measure since the Clinton budgets of the 1990s, which ushered in a budget surplus and historic prosperity. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the bill we passed saves America $143 billion over the first decade and more than $1 trillion over the decade to follow.

It is a bill that can stand beside Social Security and Medicare in its accomplishment for our families and our country. And it will create a more prosperous, more just future—a future we can be proud to hand our children. 

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Hoyer: Health Care Security for All Americans is Now the Law
Congressman Steny H. Hoyer joined President Obama at the White House today for the signing of the health care reform legislation that the House passed on Sunday, March 21. The new law will make health care more affordable for families and small business owners, reform insurance industry practices so consumers have more control over their health care, improve Medicare benefits and reduces the deficit.  Read Release
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