September 24, 2013
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With the end of the fiscal year approaching, I am working to find a responsible solution to keep our government funded past September 30. I was deeply disappointed that House Republicans, who control which bills come to the Floor for a vote, passed a measure last week that puts us at risk of a government shutdown and kept in place the sequester cuts. Sequestration is an irrational policy, which harms our military readiness and our economy. The bill has no chance of passing the Senate or being signed into law by the President. On the House Floor, I explained why I opposed this partisan bill:

“I will not be a party to the disinvestment in America’s greatness. Today’s bill undermines the education of our children; the security of our seniors; the present and future health of our people; the strength, training, and readiness of our armed forces; the growth of our economy and the creation of jobs; the quality and viability of our infrastructure; the health of our environment; the proper compensation and respect for those who labor in the public sector; and, most certainly, the honoring of America’s debts and obligations. Today’s bill undermines all those priorities and more. I will not support it and I urge my colleagues to oppose it. And it continues us on the path so aptly described by Chairman [of the House Appropriations Committee, Hal Rogers] - again, his words, not mine - as ‘this lurching path from fiscal crisis to fiscal crisis.’ I urge my colleagues, with wisdom and courage on your side of the aisle, to oppose this bill.

“Madam Speaker, I am for a comprehensive, balanced, and responsible policy that will put this nation on a fiscally sustainable, stable path. I have been – and continue to be – willing to work with all of my colleagues to adopt such a bill. I take nothing off the table. I believe it will take both reason and political courage to achieve such an objective.

“Americans are hoping and yes, praying that we have such wisdom and such courage. I urge my colleagues to oppose this bill and commit themselves to adopting a bipartisan and effective alternative to this destructive and irrational path.”

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With only a week to take action to keep the government open, I’m hopeful that both parties can reach agreement on a bill to keep our government open and operate in a responsible way.

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